Ashley Franke

My name is Ash Franke, I’m a Oklahoma based creative, mom to Palmer & Finn & I’m the founder & hands behind Ash Franke Styles.

I’ve been doing hair for almost 11 years, and started about 7 years ago doing event/wedding up-styling. I love the detail behind it, Just like I adore a properly planned party. I build inspiration from all types of things, in every facet of the creative world. 

I believe in hard work and dedication to your craft & I always do my best to help in any situation, and to achieve every goal I feel I am capable of (enneagram type 3 with a wing 2 for those of you that also love a good personality quiz).  

 When it comes to business, passionate and attentive would be my most noted traits, nothing is better than making someone feel like the most beautiful version of themselves, on their most important day, it’s my mantra. 

When I’m not behind the chair you can find me going to the coast with loved ones, vegging out and laughing with my family, or trying anything creative I can get my hands on.

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